Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Farm Report

We’ve been pickin’ and grinnin' around here…not on a banjo but from the garden!  Lots of picking!  I get so excited and then I remember as I bring the goodies into the house,  “this is a lot of work!”. And my grinnin’ kind of disappears….until I see all those filled jars setting on my counter! 


Here’s my beans, in the garden and in the sink!  I actually got Wally to help me snap them.  I wish I had thought to take his picture so you’d believe me!


And here’s the grinnin’ part, eleven quarts and 22 pints worth.



I also did peaches both before and after the beans.  Early in August Wally and I took a weekend for our anniversary over on the western slope.  We have friends who bought a cherry orchard in Hotchkiss, CO.  We dropped in on them and had a great time catching up.  We bought a big bucket cherries from them and put 13 bags in the freezer…ready for some great cherry pies!  Don had just picked peaches the night before and we bought 31 pounds from them.  I canned those up and made some jam.  Then Wally decided we should get another box of peaches, just to be sure!  So we have 20 quarts of peaches and 20 jars of jam. 



Now the tomatoes are coming on, these are my first two romas.  The plants are loaded.  Salsa to come. 


And I can’t get enough of these grape tomatoes…they are so sweet!


They go great in a salad with fresh lettuce and spinach…if they make it that long!  I ate about half the bowl just popping them into my mouth throughout the day!


And what garden is complete without the squash?  Acorn and zucchini! 


So we have had some good eating, and we will have more to come! 

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Andrea said...

I wish I had a weensy little patch of dirt for a garden...send me a zucchini if you have too many!


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