Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

It has always been one of our family traditions to take a family picture on Easter in front of our church.  I think last year our family picture had dwindled down to just Wally and I with Wesley.  This year it was just the two of us.

photo (29)

(Here’s a little confession.  We asked someone to take our picture at church and when I looked at the camera to see the picture there was this little message…”No Memory Card”.  Rats!  I had left it in my computer.  so this picture was actually taken at the Black Eye Pea.)

I had asked our kids to take a picture of them at church and email to me.  So maybe that will be our new tradition.

photo (35)

Here’s Kenny and Becky…don’t they co-ordinate nicely…and Wesley.  Wes was at Kenny’s house this year.

Andrea started out our morning when she texted us this picture~~

photo (27)

Now isn’t that precious?  We weren’t even out of bed yet and we just lay there saying how blessed we were!  Here is their family picture~~



So many miles apart and involved in different churches, yet celebrating the same thing, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!  That is truly our biggest blessing!

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Andrea said...

Awwww...everyone looks so nice!


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