Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bike Ride

Last night Wally and I took a bike ride.  We started near the Cherry Creek Mall and rode the trail through downtown to the REI Flagship store---8.01 miles and back 8.01 miles! I believe that adds up to 16.02 miles!

bikes 2

Here’s some stats from the evening:

  • Most unusual sight, (not counting all the peopleSmile) ~ a woman pushing her Chihuahua in a doggy stroller
  • Saddest sight~the homeless people under the bridges.  One man was already asleep under a blanket at 6:30
  • Most enjoyable sight, or smell rather~ the lilacs along the path
  • Most enjoyable sights~the bike detour took us through the historical district…lovely old homes

ambassadors house

This is the home of an ambassador. A friend of ours used to work for her.  Wally has actually been inside this house and he said it was beautiful!  He did an estimate on the roof for his old company.  They did not get the job and Wally did not think the roof was very well done…

historic district

Just some pretty homes.

great house

another great house

This house is just outside the historic district. Its another house Wally measured and his company did do the work on this roof. Kind of a scary roof, huh? Makes me (and Wally) thankful he is not doing that work anymore.

  • Not so fun sight~ I crashed my bike, went down, sprawled right there on a busy  Denver corner!  Not a pretty picture…I cried, bled, big scrape on my knee, even my toes felt bruised! 
  • Most tragic sight~I stepped on the scale when I got home and there was not one ounce of a change!  Sixteen miles, and not one little drop!

When our kids were younger we took quite a few bike rides and we liked to ride the Cherry Creek trail. It meant an all day ride if we went by bike from Aurora.  Or a drive to Denver if we just wanted to grab the trail along the way.  But now it is my back yard! 

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Andrea said...

The doggy stroller is a common sight here!


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