Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I have written a lot of thank you notes lately.  I don’t think I have written so many since “wedding” or “baby shower” days!  Living here at the Polo club has brought a whole new experience to my life…many cards and gifts were dropped off at the office over the holidays.  I have made and written 56 cards.  I still have a hand full left to do for family.  So I thought I would share the cards I have made for my Thankful Thursday post.  I saw a simple design on one of my blogs that I thought would be easy to switch  around and do in mass production!  Next year, when everyone is showcasing their cute Halloween cards, I’m going to use that as a cue to start making Thank You cards!





The next one is my favorite.  I’m kind of into brown.  “Brown, I love brown”…apologies to the Fed Ex people in my family!


The thing about sending thank you cards is that you have been the recipient of something very nice, something worth saying “Thank You” for!

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