Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is New Year’s Eve.  Sixty years ago on this day, a youth group was preparing to have their New Year’s Eve party at the Grant Park Christian Church in Des Moines, Iowa.  Before they met,  a wedding took place.  It was my Mom and Dad’s.  Dad had a few days off from the Army and he had hitch hiked home  from Maryland to Iowa to marry my Mom.  My Mom’s parents were both already gone but their good friends were the Garten’s.  Marilyn Garten acted as a witness for my Mom.  My Dad’s brother, Uncle Cutter stood in for my Dad.  It was very simple, very small but very real!  It was the beginning of sixty years together!

Mom and Dad's Wedding, 12-31-51

After the ceremony, they went to the Garten’s home and had a small reception.  My Mom said her sister Helen made a cake and some sandwiches and brought them on the bus to the Garten’s home.

Mom and Dad's Wedding, 12-31-51

Years ago my Mom had her wallet stolen and she thought her wedding pictures disappeared with it.  Recently she found these copies.


These pictures were taken to mark their 60th Anniversary


On Christmas Eve all us kids were in town. 

kids (1)

Marty, JoEllen, Nathan, Sherry and Scott
Dad, Mom and Robin

Sixty years!  That is a long time!  A lot of years of struggles, happiness, tears and laughter.  A lot of hard work to raise children and to fulfill a commitment to each other.  A lot of growing and changing, of having dreams and of letting some of those dreams go.  What an awesome accomplishment, what an example of love and faithfulness!!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


You’ve still got it!

Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it;

Psalm 127:1

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Becky said...

Very sweet :) happy anniversary from Kenny and I


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