Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Trees and Lights

One of our “duties” here at the Polo Club is decorating for Christmas.  There are about 17 lamp posts that get a wreath hung on them.  Actually, two wreaths, front and back facing.  Wally and his assistant, Nate, hung these back before Thanksgiving. 



When we returned from our trip to NY, we got the tree up inside the is a real, ten footish tree. Very nice!  However the decorations for it were slim, and old.  I was a little surprised by that.  I picked up a couple of boxes of ornaments at Sams Club.  Wally and Nate put new LED lights on it and…I think it is not too bad looking!


Wally and Nate also hung lights around the guard house and the trees at the entry.  Now this was the first time for Wally to hang lights on tress but they were pretty pathetic looking.  Again, there was not too many lights and one tree was particularly sparse.  I was embarrassed for a few days, especially as we began comparing our trees to some other neighborhoods.  Then one windy day, the lights all dropped of that one sad little tree.  Wally decided to call in the pros…and we bought new LED lights and they really are quite beautiful, particularly on a snowy night.  I did not get a picture of “the before” and its best we have no reminders of those around.


Then we finally brought our tree over from the house and got it up and decorated.

img_4380Its not really a leaning tree…just a leaning photographer!

I also saw this idea in Ace hardware this year and decide to copy…canning jars with a string of lights inside!  How simple!  The display had different sized lights in the jars.  I liked them.


I bought the half gallon size jars and put some loose ornaments in one. I intend to decorate the tops using my cricut, but have not gotten that far as yet!

One night when we were out I saw all these lights just kind of hanging above the rooftops…we followed the lights and found this…

photo (1)Now that is a lot of lights!

The older neighborhoods around us have beautiful light displays.  We are planning a drive around Denver after Christmas to enjoy them. I heard on the news that Denver is in the top ten for cities with the most lights, so we better go see for ourselves! 

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