Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation Bible School


Wow! Last week we had Vacation Bible School at my church.  What a week!  I think we do a really well VBS. Each year the theme changes but the program runs  the same. We begin with all the kids gathered together for our opening.  This time includes a penny parade and  an ongoing skit for the week. Then the different age groups divide out for a morning of Bible teaching, crafts, games, music, snack and the missionary story! 

Let me tell you, the penny parade is really something!  It is a big competition between the boys and the girls to bring the most pennies, which are weighed on a scale each day.  So its all about the weight! Dollars and quarters are all exchanged for penny rolls each morning. The pennies are then given to one of our missionaries.  Sadly for us girls, the boys have won two years in a row.  This year the penny offering brought a record 975.00!  It will be sent to our missionary Helen Burman who runs an orphanage in Zambia, Africa.

IMG_1541 IMG_1542


I taught the first through third graders.  We have been blessed this week with a high attendance of 67 children in our department and a low of 60!  It was a very full week!  I had a crew of helpers.  Friday our overall attendance was 187 kids!!  What a great week God gave us.





My great helpers for the week… Mrs.Thompson, Jacob Petterle, Selena Anderson, Samantha Baker, Kyle Clayton.  Two were missing, Bryan Southall and Mrs. Fick. img_1342

This week I am almost recovered!  :)

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Andrea said...

Yup. I will never think of 40 kids as hard again. Kudos Mom. You deserve a Starbucks...can Dad buy it for you?


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