Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Andrea Michelle Godby Hamilton!!

Today our little girl is turning 31 years of age!!  Although she just celebrated her sixth wedding anniversary and has four children of her own, she is still our little girl.  We are so very proud of you Andrea Michelle, in all the best ways for parents to be proud!  You have brought much joy to our family and since we were given only one daughter, how blessed we are to have been given the very best!!


You have also brought many interesting moments to our family…and who knows that better than your brothers!  Yes, these two guys are going to bring you your Birthday memories this year!  You have nothing to  worry about, they are very trustworthy!

Christmas 2006

Happy Birthday Sis.  My fondest memories are of us together were at Bible college.  You helped me with study notes, proofing papers, and doing your best to keep me away from all the "bad girls."  Those couple of years and all the help and encouragement you gave me meant a lot.  I remember you quizzing me before all of my GBI exams and helping me out as we went through Christology together (a Smith class).  I am glad that we have something in common, serving in full-time ministry.  And I am excited to see how God will use your family in NYC. 

Here’s a couple of things I remember:

  • I remember you having nearly as many accidents as I did in high school, but you always seemed to get out of them without a ticket or insurance points. 
  • I remember you got  your foot caught in the back tire of dads motorcycle when you rode on the back for the first time.
  •   There’s also the time you shot yourself in the foot with the nail gun. 
  • Remember the rubber band fights we used to have in the Evergreen PO,
  • and the ER visit following sledding on New Years day. 
  • Last but not least, the many times we jumped in the car and went skiing at Copper Mtn. or Winter Park. 

We certainly have been through a lot together, some good and some not so good, but in the end I still love you Sis.  Happy Birthday!


This is Mom again…with a memory (actually a picture that brings back that memory!) of you and Kenny getting all dressed up to go on a little date!  You had bought tickets and were heading downtown to hear the Irish Tenors.  I do remember letting you drive the Falcon and that it was a really, really hot afternoon.  You look pretty good in this photo…it doesn’t show the sweat!

Well Andrea tomorrow is your birthday, you made it to 31! Some memories that I have growing up,?  Let’s see…

  • There is always the classic time that we were fishing up in the mountains and as I was casting, you got in my way, and I cast my line and fly right into your ankle.
  • Remember the Christmas we were elk hunting in Craig, and Dad promised you the first shot?  But when we found the elk Dad grabbed your rifle and started shooting. Needless to say...he missed!  When you did get your shot you dropped your elk at 200 yards with one shot.!!
  • When I started working at McDonald's with you we set drive through records for the most cars in an hour.
  • There was the time we went to the water park, and you lost your glasses in the wave pool,
  • or when you took the van to work and scraped the whole side down the edge of a stop sign (what were you doing that close to the stop sign??),
  • and as always the classic, when you backed over the trailer I moved behind Fred to get out the ATV.  (Editor’s note:  Andrea had come home, pulled onto the drive and run into the house real quick.  During that “real quick” moment to her, Wes had moved the trailer behind the little truck the kids called Fred.  Andrea came dashing back out of the house, around the back of the car, you know, where the trailer now sat, jumped in and yep…backed right into that trailer!)

My birthday wish for you this year, is not just for you, but for your whole family. I pray that as you and Ben prepare to go out on deputation that God will show Himself  to you in a new and powerful way. That He will protect you all as you travel from church to church. Also that He continues to guide and direct you and Ben, not just in ministry and church planting, but also as parents, and one day, as a pastor and pastor’s wife.  I wish that this year He will reveal Himself to you in an even more real way, and reveal new things to you all. That Elaine, Nolan, Liberty and, Nehemiah will continue to grow and become healthy strong Christian leaders like their parents.

Love you Sparky, Happy Birthday,


That’s a pretty good way to end a Birthday blog post!  Have a Happy Day and a year blessed by the Lord!!

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