Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am very thankful for my family.  I am also thankful that this fall and this Christmas I was able to spend time with lots of family.

On our motorcycle trip in October, we spent a night with my brother and his family.  Marty is the founder/director of Whisper Mountain Christian Camp in Robbinsville, NC.  I have visited the camp before but this was the first time to be in their home.  My sister in law, Patti and niece Cassi made a delicious supper.  Then we stayed up until midnight chatting and visiting.  In the morning over breakfast we did the same thing. 


Shaun and Cassi also work in the camp ministry


I’m a Great Aunt to these great kids…Selah Rose, Kinsley, and Tegan


The weekend before Christmas we had a nice visit with Wally’s sister and her family.  Marlin is also a Christian camp director of Camp Grace in Wyoming.  They lost everything this summer in a fire and are in the process of watching God rebuild that ministry.

img_6416Nicole, Marlin, Leah and Michael

I’m also so thankful for my own family here in Colorado.  Here’s my two wonderful sisters, Robin and JoEllen.  Jo doesn’t look too happy here, but she really was.  We just didn’t capture it!


Here’s Sherry (Me), Robin, Jo, Scott and Mom and Dad!



I am especially thankful and grateful to have all of my own kids home for Christmas this year.  We’ve been having a great time together…I hope to show you some of that soon here on the blog!  All of them are in a transition time in their lives…ministry, home and job changes.  Who knows what 2013 will bring and where they all may find themselves.  So I find this time together especially precious.


Family ties are precious threads, no matter where we roam,
They draw us close to those we love, and pull our hearts toward home.

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